Why mBooked.com

mBooked.com is the first free platform for promoters, which allows you to fully benefit from modern tools to promote online and keep track of their performance. Understanding your audience is the key to the success of your events.

Social Conversations

Gain access to the demographics, psychographics, and location of unique people.

Analyze Performance

Unify data from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Youtube to gain rich insights.

Measure Conversions

Track actions taken on your website, understand the impact on your bottom line.

Affiliate Marketing

Every promoter can create any number of partner accounts and maximize your sales!

How it works?

Create an affiliate account. This will automatically generate a unique link for each event in your affiliate account. Share it with your event parter and easily track your metrics. How many tickets have been sold through your account, to what value and how many people have visited your event page.

Content Management

After a thorough analysis of widely available portals for ticket sales, we have come to the conclusion that the event promoters have a very limited opportunity to present promotional materials of their events. mBooked.com offers an advanced CMS where you can easily change all the content that is displayed on the landing page of your event. It is fully responsive to mobile devices, and the purchase of a ticket is simplified, without giving unnecessary information or opening an account. The platform can be used for various themed events, from music concerts to business conferences.


Social Media and Google Ready

As we have several years of experience with Online marketing, we realize how many promoters do not optimize their possibilities by not being able to use the latest marketing technologies. On the platform of mBooked.com, we give you the possibility of use Facebook business features, or Google Analytics! With these advanced tools, it is extremely easy to measure the conversion rate of your advertising campaigns.

Ticket Validation

The scanning application completely excludes any attempt of fraud. The program is already used by many organizers, and thanks to the fact that it works in the network, it is possible to scan on many devices at the same time (with immediate exchange of information between them). The whole system works under the Android and iOS system, so the application is compatible with most smartphones on the market.

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