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16 Jan 2019 // 18:00 CET

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Are you in business? Looking for like-minded partners who are not only astute entrepreneurs but also share values like hard work, dedication and honesty?

This meeting is for you!

What is Business Association?

We are a growing circle of business owners who develop their projects through nurturing healthy business relationships and collaboration with people holding similar life principles.
Come and join us at our first London meet-up to find out more in person! We'll be thrilled to meet you!

Here at BA we have been organizing networkicvng events for business people since 2010. With over 400 members in Poland, we are currently expanding internationally and have established our presence in Lithuania, Ukraine and Italy among other countries.

On January 16 we are coming to London!


We believe profit is not the only common denominator of shrewd businessmen. We aim at connecting people in business from different countries, cities and towns to provide a community of support and shared universal values to instill trust and establish relationships stimulating business, professional and personal growth.

More about Business Association

Business Association is an initiative connecting entrepreneurs and business owners sharing conservative values and looking to develop their businesses.

Honesty, reliability, gratitude and trust are values we hold dear and believe that when applied in everyday business practices they can help fix the world around and make it a little better place to live than it used to be yesterday or the day before. That's why Business Association gives entrepreneurs opportunities to network, connect, build meaningful relationships and subsequently grow business together.
Business, social and personal growth of our Members is always at the core of what we do.

Three things you will learn during the meeting:

- how to make networking work for you and your business
- how business relationships can be built creating a network supporting growth of your enterprise
- how Business Association is going to help you find meaningful connections both in Italy and internationally


16th of January 2019
6:00 PM

Hotel Dei Mellini
Via Muzio Clementi 81

Hotel dei Mellini

Via Muzio Clementi, 81,  00193 Roma,


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The Business Association is an initiative that connects entrepreneurs who hold conservative values so that they can help one another grow their businesses.

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